Large Format Poster Prints

Melbourne City Print is more than just a printer. We can help you with all aspects of branding and corporate ID with a range of signage products;

Window Signage
Decals – stickers for logos or images applied to the inside or outside of a window
Frosting – opaque adhesive, ideal for privacy but can also contain printed branding
Graphics – a range of vinyl, UV protected and ideal for large window jobs with bold graphic images
Lettering – die cut vinyl lettering (only) for a more transparent look

Boards & Framing
Foam Core – lightweight indoor board for poster mounts with a clean, professional look
Coreflute – durable and cost effective signage for indoor and outdoor use
Framing – re-usable aluminium click lock framing for posters

Banners & Flags
Pull Up – a range of sizes, professional look and portable
Vinyl –  large sizes and ideal for outdoor use
Flags – traditional and teardrop shaped

Promotional/Display Signage
Fabrics Prints/Backdrops – Wide range of materials and printable in large sizes
Large format posters – Short term or High Res. Can be laminated or mounted
A-Frames – Portable and effective and come with coreflute inserts
Re-positional Wallpaper – ‘Phototex’ adhesive paper in 1.5m wide rolls

Installation services can be provided.

Melbourne City Print has close relationships with a broad range of signage product suppliers, so if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, drop us a note and we’ll let you know if we can source it.