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Melbourne City Print has a comprehensive range of stylish and practical booklet binding options, fit for any application. From high quality, professional looking perfect binding to functional and economical wire binding and everything in between.

All binding is done in-house with skill and experience and for quick turn-around. Some jobs can even be done while you wait.

  • Perfect Binding

    The cover warps around the front and back of the book and is glued in the spine area to produce stylish, quality look. It allows for text along the spine area if required. Perfect binding is suitable for books with a minimum spine thickness of around 5mm and up to 60mm

  • Saddle Stitched Binding

    Just like a magazine, saddle stitched books are stapled in the spine area. This popular binding option is fast and cost efficient as it’s done on line as part of the printing process. The maximum number of pages is around 88 (22 folded sheets) based on standard 80gsm paper.


  • Wire Binding

    A practical and functional binding option with a quality finish. Ideal for manuals, information booklets, workbooks, pads, etc., particularly where the book needs to be laid flat. Wires are available in Black, White and Silver and are used in conjunction with clear or frosted acetate covers and a leather-look back cover. Wire binding is suitable for booklets up to around 245 sheets.


  • Plastic Coil Binding

    An affordable binding option that is functional and practical. Can be taken apart if necessary. Plastic coil binding comes with a clear or frosted acetate cover with a leather-look card back cover. A large range of coil colours and covers is available. Plastic coil binding is suitable for booklets up to around 450 sheets

  • Thermal Binding

    Smooth canvas strips are heated and glued around the spine area of the book to hold the contents together.  Pages are bound together quickly and easily for a smart, sleek look. There are five colours to choose from as a side strip and a wide range of cover colour choices. (Minimum: 10 sheets. Maximum: 300 sheets).

  • Hard Cover Binding

    Hard cover binding is the ultimate choice where you want the best quality and most professional look possible. There’s a range of cover finishes to choose from, including leather and canvas, as well as other features such as embossing and foiling that will make your book stand out. Melbourne City Print has all the booking binding options covered. Contact us if you need more information.